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Learn to Ride – Learn to Drive – Instructors based in Gympie

Learn to Ride or want to complete a QRide course, Mark has over 16 yrs experience teaching but has been riding and racing motorcycles most of his life.

Jo has 14 yrs experience teaching Learn to Drive in Gympie and in that time has helped many nervous and anxious drivers to successfully obtain their car licence.

We are Registered Service Providers for QRide and Mark is an Accredited Senior Rider Trainer on behalf of Qld Transport. We have experience teaching in all sorts of environments and can meet your need wherever you are at.

Gift Certificates availables for driving lessons and learn to ride courses.

Online Resources

We provide specific links to available online resources throughout the website. To view all related information visit QLD Transport via this link.


Learning to Ride with confidence and skill involves more than just staying on a bike. It takes good concentration, being aware of your surroundings and environment and creating muscle memory through good riding behaviours.

Learning how to balance and work the controls simultaneously, while watching out for other drivers and riders around you requires lots of experience and good guidance.

Most people have bad driving and riding habits that they take through their whole life.  It is so important to learn good riding habits from the beginning to build on.   This will then flow into your driving habits as well.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help you pass with confidence and to give you the skills you need to be a safe rider and driver. Being safe on the road and keeping you alive are our main goals.


Pre Learner Course

If you currently have no motorcycle licence, the pre learner course is the first step you need to take. It is a 12 hour course, held over 2 days.  The prelearner course is a competency based course, with pass/fail criteria.


RE Motorcycle Licence

If you currently have your motorcycle learners licence (RE-L) and are wanting to upgrade to your restricted licence (RE-O) then you will need to complete this course.


R Motorcycle Course

If you currently have your restricted motorbike licence (RE-O) and are wanting to upgrade to your open motorbike licence (R-O), this course is for you.


Motorcycle Refresher Course

If you haven’t been on a bike for a while or feel you need a few lessons to build your confidence then we can assist you with this.


Learner Driver Lessons

All lessons are 1 hour and we will collect you from your home, school or work and return you there when finished.

We can customise a package deal for you based on the requirements of the student, after the initial evaluation.


Driver Refresher Course

Have you lost confidence in your driving, or maybe you feel you need a few refresher lessons on the current road laws or various road situations.

Roundabouts, merging, parking and highway driving are just some of the areas people often struggle with, we can help you improve your skills in your own car.


Choose your dates and then book to secure your space.

Our R Courses can be scheduled in after most pre learner courses, so give us a call if you would like to book in.

We can also schedule refresher courses in to suit.

  • If you currently have your motorcycle learners licence (RE-L) and are wanting to upgrade to your restricted licence (RE) then you will need to complete this course.
  • This course is approximately an 8 hour day and will allow you to ride any bike that is a LAMS Approved Bike.
  • To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your motorbike learners licence for at least 3 months but you also need to have had some on or off road riding experience and can confidently ride a bike to be suitable for the course.
  • The cost of the course is $350 if hiring our bike or $300 if using your own.
  • Please wear long pants, long sleeves – for training area exercises, motorcycle jacket – for road ride, shoes (not motocross boots), helmet and gloves, sunglasses.  Bring a water bottle and lunch.


Saturday 18th Tuesday 4th     Saturday 14th      Monday 13th Saturday 2nd Saturday 6th
 Monday 27th Saturday 15th     Saturday 28th      Saturday 18th Tuesday 12th Tuesday 16th
Sunday 23rd            Saturday 23rd Saturday 27th


  • If you currently have no motorcycle licence, the Pre Learner course is the first step you need to take.
  • The Pre Learner course is a compulsory 2 day course run over approximately 6-7 hours each day to get your motorcycle learners licence in Queensland.
  • To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your car licence for at least 1 year.
  • Cost of the Course is $550 if you hire our bike or $500 if you bring your own.  We recommend you bring your own bike, if you have one, so by the end of the 2 days you are feeling confident to ride your bike on your own.
  • Before starting the course think about how soon you will be buying a bike. We recommend you are ready to  before doing the course, or soon after, so you can practice what you learn during the course straight away. 
  • Please wear long pants, long sleeves, shoes (not motocross boots), helmet and gloves, sunglasses.  Bring a water bottle and a light lunch.




Saturday 11th – Day 1 Saturday 8th – Day 1 Saturday 7th – Day 1 Friday 10th – Day 1 Sunday 3rd – Day 1 Saturday 20th – Day 1
Sunday 12th – Day 2 Sunday 9th – Day 2 Sunday 8th – Day 2 Saturday 11th – Day 2 Monday 4th – Day 2 Sunday 21st – Day 2
Saturday 25th – Day 1 Saturday 21st – Day 1 Saturday 25 – Day 1 Saturday 16th – Day 1
Saturday 26th – Day 2 Sunday 22nd – Day 2 Sunday 26th – Day 2 Sunday 17th – Day 2
Saturday 30th – Day 1
Sunday 31st – Day 2



Race Details

Proston Khanacross is a Multiclub C.A.M.S. Event run by the Proston Rally Club.  The track is dirt, consisting of multiple tracks, changing every couple of races.  Points are accumalitive over the whole weekends’ racing.  The weekend is a family friendly weekend that is free for spectators to come and watch.

Noosa Hill Climb – Winter Challenge is held on Gyndier Drive Tewantin and consists of a track with 14 corners winding through National Park. The event draws competitors from all across Australia keeping spectators entertained with close competition to be the fastest car to the top.  Noosa Beach Classic Car Club combined with the HRCC Club run the event raising money for the local community.

Grafton Hill Climb Racing – NSW Hillclimb Series Round 5 & 6
Round 5 & 6 of the NSW Hillclimb Championship is a CAMS sanctioned motor sport competition. The Grafton Track is a newly resurfaced, tight, steep and winding hill climb which is great for spectators to see all of the racing track for the weekend.



Saturday 9 and Sunday 10
Proston Khanacross

Sunday 16th  Willowbank Autocross

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10
Proston Khanacross

Sunday 24th Willowbank Autocross

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 Noosa Hill Climb




Preparing for your licence

The following are the first steps you need to take to gain a licence in QLD.


To get your learner’s licence in QLD you must be 16 years old


Yo will need to pass a road rules test


You will need appropriate identification


You need to book and pay for your test


“I have just completed my pre learner bike course, and wow so many things that Mark pointed out that you would other wise not even think about that you can take into all areas of both riding and driving. Big thanks to Mark and Jo could not recommend them highly enough!”

Byron Allen

“5/5 Stars. I recommend this service for anybody wanting to learn how to properly operate and survive riding/driving a vehicle. I just finished my 2 day Pre-Learner motorcycle course and i can say from the heart that the knowledge gained about riding and surviving on a motorcycle has been well worth the money. If you’re thinking of taking lessons or doing a course, just do it. You won’t regret it. Thank you to Jo and Mark, you are quality people.”

Luke Goodworth

“I got my RE and R license through Roadskills Driver and Rider training, great experience and the nicest people to deal with.”

Pele Maras

Roadskills Gympie and Q-Ride Gympie


Owner Operators – Joanne & Mark Phillips

14 City View Drive, The Dawn 4570 QLD

DRIVER TRAINING – Jo: 0412 410 727

RIDER TRAINING – Mark: 0438 764 662

Registered Service Provider: 298G0119